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Offices for the price of an apartment

Make use of time as you wish with an office concept integrated with the residential areas. Folkart Time gives you more time for yourself and an efficient work life with an independent office complex integrated with the housing areas. Come, make the most of your time as you please in this privileged project. Don't serve time, make time serve you.

Office Floor Plans

Office A
Office B
Office C
  • Office A
  • 1. Entrance + Lounge 18.90 m²
  • 2. Office 1 19.20 m²
  • 3. Office 2 15.70 m²
  • 4. Kitchen 4.50 m²
  • 5. Bathroom 2.20 m²
  • NET AREA 60.50 m²
  • GROSS AREA 66.50 m²